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Closed Beta Begins March 26th! What does this mean for you?

• Explore a whole new world! Closed Beta features new procedurally-generated continents (including the new Tundra and Old-Growth Forest environments), an in-game marketplace, and more!

Landmark servers will be down on 3/24 and 3/25 to wipe the servers for Closed Beta on 3/26. Everything except your Character and templates will be wiped. Your Character will be retained, however all progression will be wiped. We will save your existing claim as a template. All of your templates, Marketplace purchases and Founder’s Pack items will be saved.

Settler’s Pack purchasers will receive instructions when the servers are up to access Closed Beta.

Trailblazer Pack purchasers will receive an email including their 4 shareable Time-Limited Closed Beta keys on 3/26. If you want your friends with you from day 1, buy or upgrade now!